Sri Annapurna Devi banner

Sree Annapurna Devi

“ఉర్వీ సర్వజయేశ్వరీ జయకరీ మాతాకృపాసాగరీ నారీనీల సమానకుంతల ధరీ నిత్యాన్నదానేశ్వరీ సాక్షాన్ మోక్షకరీ సదాశుభకరీ కాశీపురాధీశ్వరి భిక్షాందేహి కృపావలంబనకరీ మాతాన్నపూర్ణేశ్వరీ”

The Goddess is decorated as Sree Annapurna Devi on the third day of Dasara celebrations. Rice is the primary source of livelihood for all living beings. Therefore rice is considered to be form of ParaBrahma. Mother appears with a rice bowl in Her hand. Annapurna Devi gives alms to Lord Shiva-Aadi Bhikshuvu. Meditating about Her improves intellect besides bestowing sweet talk, presence of mind, purity of word, deed, devotion, fervour, and affluence. Mother graces man to become a wholesome Man. This form shows that Mother is the patron and care taker of the creation. The bowl in Her hand grants everlasting good omen in addition to wit and knowledge. Rishis assert that She bears the responsibilities of Her devotees who worship Her with immense faith. White flowers should be offered to Mother.

The mantra,

“hreeM SreeM kleeM OM nam ObhagavatyannapoorNaeSimamaabhilashita mahidaevyannaMsvaahaa”

should be chanted. Salted rice with curd(daddhyannam) and salted rice cooked with greengram ( kattepongali) should be offered to Her. Annapurna ashtotra and stotras should be recited.