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Sree Bala Tripura Sundari Devi

“హ్రీంకారాసన గర్భితానల శిఖాం సౌఃక్లీం కళాంబిభ్రతీం సౌవర్ణాంబర ధారిణీం వరసుధాదౌతాం త్రినేత్రోజ్జ్వలామ్ వందే పుస్తక పాశమంకుశధరాం స్రగ్భూషితాముజ్జ్వలాం తాంగౌరీం త్రిపురాం పరాత్పర కళాంశ్రీచక్ర సంచారిణీమ్”

Goddess Durga is adorned as Bala Tripura Sundari on the second day of sharad navaratri celebrations. Tripura Sundari Devi is the Consort of Tripura, also known as Gouri Devi , the Consort of Eshwara. She controls Heart, Mind, Wit and Ego. She assures protection with her hand gesture promising fearlessness (Abhaya) and the string of prayer beads. Mental imbalances and negative emotions disappear with her worship which leads to eternal bliss. She is the first form of the Trinity of Tripura in Sri Chakra. She is the presiding deity of the sixteen forms of Knowledge. Therefore devotees pray for Her grace by worshipping Her in the form of a girl child. Adorers offer prayers to Her to be blessed with healthy offspring. On this day girl children from two and below ten years are treated as incarnations of the Deity Herself and are presented with new clothes and worshipped.

The mantra “OM aiM hreeM SreeMaalaatripurasuMdaryainamOnama” is chanted for 108 times. Kheer or milk pudding is offered to Goddess as part of the ritual. Trisati is recited.