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Sree Durga Devi

“విద్యుద్దామ సమప్రభాం మృగపతి స్కంధస్థితాం భీషణాం కన్యాభిః కరవాలఖేట విలద్దస్తా భిరాసేవితాం ! హసైశ్చక్రగదాసిఖేట విసిఖాంశ్చాపం గుణం తర్జనీం బిభ్రాణా మనలాత్మికాం శశిధరాం దుర్గాం త్రినేత్రాం భజే”

During Sharad Navaratri celebrations on the day with ashtami tithi the Goddess appears as Durga Devi in Her grand divine form warding off misfortunes. The Puranas declare that Mother killed a Demon by name Durgamudu in this manifestation, which is the first form in the great five natural forms. She graces man entangled in earthly worldly bonds and leads him towards salvation. Worshipping Mother, radiating brilliant glory in million manners, removes problems caused by enemies and gives victory. By chanting Mother’s name tribulations due to the bad planetary positions are avoided. She graces Her worshippers and fulfils their wishes. Red coloured clothes, red rice grains and red flowers are to be used for Her worship. Durga suktam should be recited.

The mantra “OMduMdurgaayainamaha” should be chanted. Rice cooked with green gram and mixed vegetables should be offered. Durga and Lalitha ashtotra must be read.