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Sree Lalita Tripura Sundari

“ప్రాతఃస్మరామి లలితా వదనారవిందం బింబాధరం పృథుల మౌక్తిక శోభినాశమ్ ఆకర్ణదీర్ఘ నయనం మణికుండలాఢ్యం మందస్మితం మృగమదోజ్జ్వల ఫాలదేశమ్”

The Goddess Lalitha Devi is the second form of the Trinity of Tripura. Devotees of Devi worship Her intensely. She manifests a form of Kameswara unaffected by the Trigunas. Mother contains in Her absolute daintiness. She holds sugarcane, bow, and mace in Her hands and is flanked by goddess of wealth Lakshmi Devi on her right and goddess of knowledge Saraswathi Devi on her left. She fulfils the desires of Her adorers and removes penury and suffering from their lives. An embodiment of knowledge and wealth. A balancer of creation maintenance and destruction. She grants marital bliss to women who pray to Her fervently. Sri chakram should be worshipped with kumkum and Lalitha ashtottHram.

The mantra, “ OM aiM hreeM SreeM Sreemaatraenamaha ” is to be chanted 108 times. Women with husbands alive should also be worshipped for marital bliss.