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Sree Mahishasuramardini Devi

“మహిషమస్తక నృత్త వినోదిని స్ఫుటరణన్మణి నూపుర మేఖలా జననరక్షణ మోక్ష విధాయిని జయతి శుంభ నిశుంభ నిఘాదిని”

Mahishasuramardini Devi is the most ferocious of the nine forms of the goddess. Mother Goddess appears as Mahishasuramardini on asvayujasuddha navami to protect the virtuous and punish the vicious.This particular day is celebrated as ‘Maharnavami’ as a token of victory. She makes the lion her seat and equipped with weapons appears most powerful manifested with the powers of all goddesses in Her. She is known as ‘Mahishasuramardini’ after crushing a demon called Mahishasura. Worshipping Her eliminates fear of enemies and results in success. Praying to Her gives the same result as worshipping all the Goddesses. Chandi sapathasathi votive ritual has to be performed.

The mantra “OMaiMhreeMSreeMsarvasammOhinyaisvaahaa ” should be recited. Consecrated food items such as tamarind rice or pulihora, garelu raw green gram soaked(vada pappu) and paanakan (water mix with jaggery, elaichi and pepper) should be offered.