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“ఘంటాశూల హలాని శంఖముసలే చక్రం ధనుస్సాయకం హస్తాబ్జెర్దధతీం ఘనాంత విలసచ్ఛీతాంశు తుల్య ప్రభామ్ గౌరీదేహ సముద్ఛవాం త్రిజగతామాధారాభూతాం మాహా పూర్వా మత్ర సరస్వతీ మనుభజే శుంభాది దైత్యార్దినీమ్”

The star moola has very special significance in sharad navaratri days. The Goddess Durga Devi bestows Her darshan as Saraswathi, the Mother of knowledge on this sacred day. The Puranas describe Saraswathi Devi as the form of ‘Brahmachaitanya’. She sits on a white lotus and holds the veena, a baton, clay pot with a spout, a string of prayer beads. She drives away the ignorance and darkness in Her devotees with Her Abhaya hastha .She granted the power and glory of word as great a boon to the great litterateurs like Vyasa, Valmiki and Kalidasu. Students’ minds blossom on worshipping Her. She is the third form of the Trinity of Trisakthi; residing deity of music and literature; lives on the tip of the tongue of all living creatures.